Marianne Alto has been a proactive ally to trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit people in the city of Victoria.  She has been a leader in moving the city government forward toward ensuring full inclusion for trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit people in city policies and practices.
Aaron Devor
Chair in Transgender Studies, University of Victoria

When I think of the type of person I want on Victoria City Council, I think of Marianne Alto. I want a person there who has experience, a work ethic and good common sense working on my behalf. She has shown time and time again her abilities to work with all citizens of Victoria and the CRD. As well, she continues to work diligently and successfully with provincial and federal representatives. We are a City that is constantly growing and we need Marianne’s experience to make sure we continue this growth in a prudent and sustainable manner. Victoria, remember Marianne Alto when you cast your vote on October 20th. 
Alice Ross, Rock Bay

We have been fortunate to engage with Marianne for a number of years while she served on City Council.  She has provided guidance and leadership that has benefited our business and she shares our passion for change in the downtown.  Marianne is an active listener, sincere collaborator, and objective analyst.  She maintains a forward view and is absolutely steadfast in her commitment to ensuring a viable future for our city.

Barry and Fran Hobbis

Victoria Harbour Ferry Company

I’m honoured to support Marianne Alto’s continued presence as a Victoria City Councillor and CRD director. Since her initial election in 2010, Marianne Alto has championed and supported progressive and pragmatic policy on issues including housing, poverty, governance, open data and more. Marianne Alto is an experienced, strong and consistent supporter of Victoria becoming a healthier, safer and happier city through the championing of walking, cycling and public transit. Marianne Alto is very good at communicating on complex policy issues in accessible language to a variety of audiences and is able to bridge gaps between government, business and all her constituents. Marianne uses a collaborative and consensus-based approach to bring people together to solve problems regardless of ideology. Marianne Alto continues to be an excellent councillor and CRD director and I am glad she represents me in Victoria.
Bharat Chandramouli, Ph. D. – Environmental scientist

Because I am preparing to vote for the first time in a Victoria municipal election, I was glad to attend a small citizens’ meeting where I could hear Marianne Alto describe how she has done the work of a Victoria City Councillor and how she proposes to continue that work. What a pleasure it was to see civility embodied so thoroughly in a public figure! Marianne impressed me with her automatic inclination to “rise above”—a quality of statesmanship crucial to a Deputy Mayor. Her feet are on the ground, too. She displays a practical knowledge of what city government can achieve within the limits of its powers and income.

Political outcomes are never guaranteed, but there is a greater likelihood of good results when leaders possess enough experience to define their priorities well. Marianne does, outlining what “Housing first” means for the council’s next term. I can see, too, that there is a “missing middle” to the affordability spectrum after council’s successes in funding social housing at one end of the affordability spectrum and its approvals of downtown condominium towers at the other. And I have studied how the incumbents’ support of gentle densification is an approach that has succeeded elsewhere in preserving the quality of neighbourhood life while gracefully accommodating influxes of new residents.

A close study of each issue is apparent from the details Marianne gives in describing her council voting record. At the same time, she is no score-keeper triumphing over each defeat of an opposing viewpoint. On the contrary, as others have testified here, she excels in locating common ground between opposing positions.   She can claim that rare thing, a tested and true loyalty to the dignity of individuals on either side of a debate.
A candidate of such good mind and heart is nothing less than a treasure. I see Victoria as an unusually civil community where a ballot may be used as a vote of thanks. I’m hoping for enough of that well-founded gratitude to see Marianne Alto returned to office.

Catherine Kerr, Fairfield Resident

Marianne is a big part of our positive relationship with the City of Victoria. She shares our values of respect, honesty and courage. Like a true friend, you can count on Marianne to be honest, and at your side. I thank her for having the courage to walk with us.
Chief Ron Sam, Songhees Nation

Marianne brings a wonderful blend of intelligence, compassion, practical wisdom and know-how to City Council. Her balanced consideration of the issues, combined with her unique ability to bring people together and ensure that all points of view are heard in a respectful manner, generates action and results. She is deeply committed to fairness, justice and health for all.

Dr. Bernadette (Bernie) Pauly, James Bay

Registered Nurse & Researcher

Marianne is the type of city councillor Victoria needs. She’s not afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom and she doesn’t get caught up in ideology. She listens to people and is able to consider complex problems from various perspectives before making up her mind. Her clear thinking has served Victoria well on the range of very challenging issues facing the City. I’ve watched her work effectively with everyone from business organizations to neighbourhood groups. If you want thoughtful, principled representation at City Council, support Marianne. 

Elizabeth Cull, Burnside Gorge

Consultant, Former Small Business Owner, Former Provincial Cabinet Minister

I endorse Marianne Alto for city councillor in the October municipal election. I’ve lived in Victoria for about 11 years now. I love it here and this city has been very good to me. As a councillor, Marianne has engaged with many groups in the community, from First Nations folks to those in the arts.  Much of her work is behind the scenes where she nurtures careful conversations and the dreams of new possibilities. She is always cheerful and pragmatic – a balance few achieve. A few can do it with the homeless and unsheltered on our streets and some can do it with business people. She does it with both and all the rest of us. It makes it possible to be take her seriously and to trust that she is listening and thinking ahead. We are lucky to have her working for our good.

Evelyn Battell, Fairfield

I first met Marianne Alto some years ago because of our shared interest in more effective responses to the ongoing housing crisis in Victoria.  I have long believed that it is at the city level of government where the rubber meets the road.  Whether it is in homelessness, gentrification, densification, the opioid crisis on our streets, transportation infrastructure, security, climate change, public space or so many other issues, these difficult problems are intensified in our cities and they have a profound effect on competing rights.  Our city councillors are on the front lines of all of these issues and critical decisions.  We need cool heads in city hall who can work with limited resources, with communities, and with senior levels of government while keeping their eyes on opportunities and solutions.  Marianne has that gift which is why I wholeheartedly endorse her run for another term on Victoria City Council.

Graeme Bristol

Executive Director, Centre for Architecture & Human Rights

Marianne Alto brings compassion, experience and intelligence to Victoria Council meetings. We need these qualities today more than ever in a time where caring, knowledge and education actually matter.

JC Scott eco Design Associates Inc.

For 14 years I’ve been witness to Marianne Alto’s honesty and dedication to our community. She has a fine legal mind, history of human rights work, and long experience crafting policy and legislation. She follows through on her promises and gets stuff done. I’ve watched Marianne handle difficult public consultations and chair impossible meetings with warmth and a steady hand. People feel heard and grounded in her presence. Marianne does her homework. She thinks hard and in detail about tough issues. Her kindness, humour and obvious enjoyment of the challenges of governing are the icing on the cake. I sincerely hope Victoria will support her campaign and be lucky enough to have her on Council for another term.

Jessica Van der Veen

Actor, Writer, Director, Acting Coach, www.castvictoria.com

It Is with great pleasure that I recommend re-electing Marianne to Victoria City Council. I have worked with her over the past five years on the Vic High multi-purpose athletic facility renewal and renovation project and have first hand knowledge of the skills and abilities she possesses to get things done.

Through her dedication and leadership, the Vic High Alumni Association, Board of Education, and Bays United Football Club have partnered to raise funds for this project that will benefit students and the community as one of the key components is artificial turf and lights to allow non-school use during the winter months and at night. With matching funds from the City, championed by Marianne, our fund-raising efforts are approaching $600,00.00.

Marianne’s commitment to working with all the partners in the greater community has been unwavering and I look forward to continuing our efforts to bring this win-win project to completion.

Keith McCallion, Fairfield

Victoria High School Alumni Association

It’s my pleasure to endorse Marianne Alto! I’ve observed Marianne’s work as a Victoria City Councillor and member of the community. I’ve observed that she is a community focused leader that you can count on. Marianne is a balanced and strategic decision-maker and a huge asset to our community.
Lucia Heffelfinger-Orser
Business Person

I am happy to add my name to those who support Marianne.  Marianne is dedicated to a community in a way which epitomizes all of my values – compassionate, responsible, both financially and intrinsically, and totally involved.  She is someone upon whom you can count to do the things that matter to Victoria’s citizens.  Marianne cares and acts upon that caring in thoughtful and responsible ways at the council table.  Thank you, Marianne, for once again being willing to serve our community. 
Mavis DeGirolamo, James Bay

Our first connection with Marianne was over 20 years ago through Victoria’s Russian Twin City – Khabarovsk.  She has a great understanding of various cultures and was able to make a big difference in the City’s relationship with the twin city.  This continues today through her work in Reconciliation with our First Nation’s neighbours. Through her guidance, we have watched her two sons grow up to be great assets to her and fine citizens.  She always encouraged them to expand their horizons in many varied ways. In her years as Councillor for the City, she has always shown a wonderful ability to calmly assess the many varied aspects presented to the Council and come up with a thoughtful and measured response.  Victoria has many current and future challenges and the City is fortunate to have someone of Marianne’s background at the Council table.                    Maureen and Robin Applewhaite, Cook St. Village residents

Victoria needs balanced representation on Council, so we can continue to grow and change with the times, while keeping our social obligations and the needs of civil society in view.  Marianne has provided that representation over the past 7 years and I’m proud to support her for another term on Council.
Paul Ramsey, Entrepreneur and Homeowner in Fairfield

As Member of Parliament for Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke, I’ve seen first-hand the positive difference Marianne Alto makes as a Victoria City councillor and CRD director.  Her experience, skills, and abilities in so many areas mean she works across sectors problem solving, to the benefit of residents in Victoria and across the region.  I’ve worked alongside Marianne for 25 years as she has challenged convention and explored solutions that rely on knowing strategies, systems and processes but also understanding that often the best solutions are found ‘outside the box’.  Marianne is a superb listener, tireless, determined, open-minded.  She spends time looking at all sides of an issue, working closely with often competing interests, then using her extensive consultation and collaboration skills to find a way forward.  When she says she’ll do something, it gets done.  I’m pleased to support Marianne Alto for re-election to Victoria City council and the CRD, and urge voters to do the same.

Randall Garrison, MP Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke

I would like to provide an endorsement for Marianne Alto and her campaign for re-election to Victoria City Council. I have had the pleasure of knowing Marianne for several years and have sat at many of the same community tables with Marianne. She is deeply involved in local committees, action teams and community engagement opportunities. Marianne has a track record that shows she is committed to the residents of Victoria and an advocate for our community. Victoria is a wonderful place to live, work and play and strong leaders, like Marianne, are key to keeping it that way.
Sharlene Law, Executive Director, Umbrella Society 

In my experiences working with Marianne around the topic of affordable home ownership in the Region, I found her to be approachable, sensible, knowledgeable and extremely committed to positive change in the community.  It is obvious that she is sincere in her comments and desire to see Victoria be an even better community in which to live.  She is so willing to make time to talk with stakeholders in the community on a variety of issues. I believe she is a valuable asset to Victoria City Council and she has my vote as a homeowner in Victoria.

Susan Froher

Over the years I continue to enjoy speaking with Marianne Alto on community affairs ranging from homelessness to housing affordability and other issues.  I always find Marianne open to conversation from all standpoints and I appreciate that her decisions are thoughtful and well researched.  Marianne is sensible, knowledgeable, hard working and able to clearly articulate her wisdom- often provoking deep thought around the Board table.  Her actions and values are truly genuine and it is evident she holds the interests of the public first and foremost in her approach.  A dedicated community servant, it is a pleasure seeing her on a regular basis supporting businesses, events and causes. She is a valuable asset to Victoria City Council.

Tony Joe, Realtor, Businessman, Member Telus Community Board, Past-President Victoria Real Estate Board, Past Vice-Chair Victoria Dragonboat Festival Society, Past Co-Chair Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, Past Board Member Victoria Hospice Society & Anawim House, host of CFAX 1070 The Whole Home Show

Marianne displays a unique combination of progressive values backed up with the effectiveness and intelligence needed to achieve positive change.  I believe that we should return her to office as a Victoria City Councillor.

Tony Sprackett, Fernwood community activist, photographer

    If you would like to endorse Marianne Alto, kindly email: candidate@mariannealto.ca