Affordable Housing

  • As the City inevitably welcomes new residents, housing must be built for everyone. We can… Read More


  • As the city and region grow, we must act now to blend and enhance balanced options for transit riders, motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, electric and conventional modes, and allow for new and sustainable transportation solutions. We can… Read More

Business Prosperity

    Strong business supports strong community, city and social services. We can enable and support business to grow in a measured way that fits the city and region. Business success contributes to the resources Victoria needs to fund community/additional services. We can… Read More

Social Justice

  • People in our city who need greater help with mental health and substance use require our compassion and action. Economic disparity, inclusion, public safety, and social service delivery are threads on which I will focus to keep our city working together. We can… Read More

Indigenous Relations

    Strengthening the cultural, economic and social relationships with local Lkwungen Peoples, notable the Songheesand Esquimalt First Nations will benefit and enrich all Victoria/CRD residents. We will… Read More

City Services

    A City that is easier to access creates more choices for residential services, and creates opportunities to find more efficient service delivery at lower costs. We will… Read More

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