Champion Affordable Housing

    As the City inevitably welcomes new residents, housing must be built for everyone. We can:
    • Lead neighbourhood planning towards measured, affordable densification
    • Balance growth with affordable options and livability
    • Review Local Area Plans every 5 years
    • Curb speculation by exploring a 10% tax levy – payable into a housing fund – if a residential property is sold in less than 5 years
    • Create incentives for: large home conversions to multi-suites, rental only buildings, below-market rentals, 3+ bedroom units etc.
    • Allow garden suites on single family home lots with legal secondary suites, and explore strata-tilting garden suites, with re-sale limits
    • Grow, incent, and support co-operative housing
    • Explore subsidies, tax deferments, and other programs to support new home renters and buyers
    • Pilot a project matching seniors with eligible lodgers
    • Re-introduce a secondary suite grant program
    • Regularly re-evaluate the City’s Density Bonus Policy

Balanced Leadership, Measured Change

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