• Marianne Alto is a Victoria City Councillor and Capital Regional District Director.
  • As an elected Councillor, Marianne has been instrumental in bringing open government to the City of Victoria, including a new open data catalogue, increased resources for information technology systems and live streaming of Council and committee meetings.
  • With degrees in law and science, Marianne has spent much of her career working to improve transparency in organizations and persuading decision-makers that access to information is key to good governance and decision-making.
  • Marianne thinks local government is challenged by the need to balance limited financial resources with the need to provide high quality public services for residents. Marianne values effective public involvement and uses her experience as a facilitator to include citizens in the decisions that affect our neighbourhoods and quality of life in Victoria.
  • Marianne serves on the City’s Planning and Land Use Standing Committee, Corporate and Strategic Services (Finance) Committee, the Victoria Conference Centre Advisory Committee and the Board of Tourism Victoria. Marianne is Council liaison to the Downtown Victoria Business Association and the University of Victoria, and is a member of the Victoria Regional Transit Commission. She is a Director of the CRD (where she is vice-chair of the Finance and Corporate Services Committee) and a CRD Hospital Board Director. She is neighbourhood liaison for Oaklands, where she facilitates regular Councillor Open Door sessions.
  • Since 1996, Marianne has been principal at Azimuth Research and Consulting, a firm specializing in outcome-based organizational change, facilitation, strategic planning, project management and research, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Prior to being elected to City Council, Marianne has volunteered with, been an active member of, and held elected positions in many local organizations, among them the Victoria Conservatory of Music, the Oaklands Community Association, the Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils, Sundance Elementary and Arbutus Middle School PACs, Everywomans Books, AIDS Vancouver Island and the Rock Bay Business Improvement Association. She have also been, at various times, board member of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Chair of the BC and Yukon Association of Women’s Centres, national VP of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, an Officer of the BCNDP and national Treasurer of Canada’s NDP.
  • Marianne is the proud mom of sons Benjamin and Pasha, and in 2003 married her partner of 20 years.

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