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As MLA for Victoria Beacon Hill, and a long time resident of Victoria, I have seen first hand the positive difference Marianne Alto makes as a city councillor. Her experience and abilities in so many areas (working across sectors, problem solving, putting Victoria and our citizens first in every decision that comes before council) makes her a huge asset to our city. I am proud to support Marianne Alto for re-election, and grateful she has chosen to share her time and skills with our city.” Carole James, MLA Victoria–Beacon Hill

Three things my dad taught me about ‘hiring’ someone for a job. Number one, would you be proud to introduce them as an associate. Two, would you be proud to introduce them as a friend. Three, would you trust them with your own money. I would personally answer yes to all three questions in describing the confidence and trust I have in Marianne to represent my concerns as a business person in the City of Victoria.” Barry Hobbis, Corporate Partner & VP (Operations), Member Tourism Victoria & Chamber of Commerce, Past Board Director Downtown Victoria Business Association

“Marianne is one of the most hard-working, intelligent and conscientious people I have ever had the privilege of working with. I have long-admired her ability to work in a truly collaborative and respectful manner with others. She has brought these characteristics to her work on city council, working hard to ensure a variety of perspectives are heard, resulting in a Victoria that is reflective of the variety of people who live in our beautiful city.” Kelly Newhook, Executive Director, Together Against Poverty Society

“Marianne Alto is an ideal Victoria councillor, she combines a lawyer’s learned intelligence with a sailor’s appreciation of the natural world. She listens, reads and studies yet unlike most people with those three traits in Victoria, she is not afraid to speak or to act, she is decisive and acts with the strength of conviction. For me Marianne sets the gold standard for Victoria council today.”
JC Scott, Principal Designer, JC Scott eco DESIGN

“In the many years I have known Marianne in her role as a City of Victoria councillor, I have been impressed with her professionalism and fresh, strategic approach to dealing with challenges and opportunities for our city, head on. I admire Marianne’s drive and commitment and have enjoyed working beside her on both the Tourism Victoria and Downtown Business Association boards. She is a proud ambassador, dedicated to building stronger communities and supporting economic development while helping cultivate a vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit within Victoria.” Deirdre Campbell, Owner, Tartan Group

“We have known Marianne for almost 20 years, initially through our mutual connection with Victoria’s Russian Twin City – Khabarovsk. Through the twin cities connection, she showed her ability to quickly understand and work with a different culture when she took part in a conference in that city, on the role of women in various societies. In her own life, Marianne has been a wonderful, supportive parent to her two boys and has given them many opportunities which will help them in their future. We have always been impressed with Marianne’s ability to grasp a problem and come up with a thoughtful and measured response. She has a real talent of getting to the root of a matter very quickly without much fanfare. The City of Victoria is fortunate to have a Councillor who can do thorough research and then offer good counsel on the many challenges the City faces.”
Robin & Maureen Applewhaite, Cook Street Village Residents

“I’m a retired woman, living in Victoria for about 7 years, now. I’m not in any position of importance – but I care a lot about the people around me and their quality of life. I’m for Marianne Alto. She has integrity – I’ve never known her to cheat or dodge consequences. She plans ahead – her decisions on matters municipal are always based on a long future. She seems to be able to work with everyone. Now that one is tricky because she often disagrees with folks – but can still listen and consider their opinions. She wants balance – a little bit of what I need and want and some of what you need and want, and some of what all those in Victoria and region who are not present would want. So I want Marianne Alto for city council.” Evelyn Battell – Fairfield Resident

“I am honoured to endorse Marianne Alto for re-election as Victoria City Councillor and CRD Director. In her 4 years in public office, Marianne Alto has steered the council towards progress on a variety of issues including homelessness, poverty, governance, open data and more. I trust that Marianne Alto will be a strong and consistent supporter of Victoria becoming a healthier, safer and happier city through the championing of walking, cycling and public transit. Marianne Alto is very good at communicating on complex policy issues in accessible language to a variety of audiences and is able to bridge gaps between government and the people. Marianne uses a collaborative and consensus-based approach to bring people together to solve problems regardless of ideology. As CRD director, she has taken consistent steps to safeguard the public good. Her recent initiative with the CRD in taking the first steps to invite Greater Victoria’s first nations into a shared regional governance framework is a good example of Alto’s ability to plan for this region’s long-term sustainability. Marianne Alto continues to be an excellent councillor and CRD director and I am glad she represents me in Victoria.”
Bharat Chandramouli, Ph. D. – Environmental scientist

“Marianne continues to bring a wonderful blend of intelligence, practical wisdom and know-how to City Council. Her balanced consideration of the issues, combined with her unique ability to bring people together and ensure that all points of view are heard in a respectful manner, generates action and results. She is deeply committed to ensuring health and wellbeing for all citizens.”
Dr. Bernadette (Bernie) Pauly

“In her first full term on council, Marianne has accomplished so much! A progressive core and a practical ability to deliver are two things I look for in a representative: Marianne has both and I’m very proud to support her for Council.” Paul Ramsey -Entrepreneur and Homeowner in Fairfield

“Marianne Alto has supported the arts in Victoria both through service on boards, volunteerism and through her attendance and rich enjoyment over many years. She is a strategic thinker who understands that life must be peppered with joy and creativity as well as substantive hard work and policy-making. Marianne shows up prepared to offer positive and nuanced solutions to complex problems. She thinks deeply and does her homework. Her character? I’ve known Marianne for 10 years and witnessed challenging situations where her own interests were pitted against the overall good. She never faltered. She is, quite simply, sterling.”
Jessica Van der Veen, Actor, Director, Public Education Advocate and co-owner of CASTVictoria

“Marianne Alto meets all of my expectations as a member of Victoria City Council. I expect councilors to have integrity, common sense, a history of service to the community, and proven leadership ability. I have watched Marianne as she has become a valuable member of Council by using all of these qualities to benefit the citizens of Victoria. As a resident of Victoria for more than 60 years, I continue to be concerned for the future of my city, and I will be proud to re-elect Marianne Alto on November 15.”
Donna Jones Former Chair, School Board of Greater Victoria; Former President, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

“Marianne Alto has been a counsellor and she is seeking reelection., Over her term as a counsellor she is proven to be a voice and an advocate for the poor the homeless and the sick honour streets, Her smile says it all she is sincere committed to serve business residents and the homeless. Vote for her in the next election your vote will count.”
Al Tysick (Reverend Al) Dandelion Society

Marianne is smart, pragmatic and hard-working. Her clear thinking has served Victoria well on the range of very challenging issues facing the City. I’ve watched her work effectively with everyone from business organizations to neighbourhood groups. What I appreciate most about her is that she’s not afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom and she doesn’t get caught up in ideology. Victoria needs councilors like Marianne.
Elizabeth Cull
  Owner, Dig This Stores,  Former Provincial Cabinet Minister

“Having watched Marianne Alto for many years at work in the community I judge her contributions to be outstanding. Although a woman of strong progressive principles, she consults widely and listens carefully to all parties carefully in her effort to negotiate the best outcomes for the city. She doesn’t seek the spotlight, but those who watch closely know that she has made a huge difference to the city of Victoria.”
Dr. Christine St. Peter, Professor Emerita, Women’s Studies Department
University of Victoria

“I’m voting for Councillor Marianne Alto ‎because she works incredibly hard week in, week out to make our city better. Marianne is an intelligent and compassionate leader who makes a difference at city hall.”   Rob Fleming MLA, Victoria-Swan Lake


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