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As part of my platform’s ‘Strengthening Neigbourhoods’ pillar, I envision a process of capacity building with community associations whereby, after an association’s annual general meeting, a team from the city (perhaps with a staffer each from planning and community engagement, plus the councillor liaison) sits down with the newly elected association executive and together they renew the relationship between the association and the city.

This might include re-imagining how the association and the city complement each other’s processes, what the expectations are from the association and the city, how we can work together to evolve the relationship and make it more effective, how the association can bring forward new ideas, new processes, new projects, etc. Right now, the city expects the association to be a partner in assessing local land use, and in delivering community programs. The city should invest more time and resources (human and financial) in building the capacity of community associations so they can be equal, effective partners in that, and much more, work.